Cedar Tree Institute

Cedar Tree Institute

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 927 West Fair Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855, Marquette, MI


Tai Chi is the mother of all martial arts. However, in our classes we focus on Mind/Body health. Marital arts applications are occasionally noted where applicable to understand of a movement. Present day personal and work life easily brings stress, which damages our mental health and physical health. Electronic media and expectations have disconnected us from ourselves, from listening, our human nature, body awareness, intuition, even from each other. Breathing, body structure and balanced whole-body movement are skills taught to help us with modern life

We emphasize connecting with your own body to progress in a way beneficial to you. In our lessons, we begin with slow movements as we incorporate all of the above. Students are encouraged to progress at their own rate. In order to build a strong connection to our selves (be “centered”) you begin practice with an awareness of your own limitations. Simply put, you begin where you are. It is not a competition. Now and then we enjoy laughing at ourselves.